In response to this world,
Our worlds.
At the moment where creeping insanity meets clarity
And all the noise becomes a hum.
A vibration that resonates through
Awakening our deepest selves.
Giving us the courage to be better, stronger, more patient. Truer to ourselves.
This is us.
A collection of 14.
Living in the loud.

Life in Loud features 14 photographers, artists really, who challenge themselves each week to make a photograph completely free from distractions; the distractions that live in our world and in our heads. Something for ourselves.

A supportive community saying, “We’ve got your back. So go…explore. Take those moments to say yes to all the nos, can’ts and shouldn’ts. Be brave.”

Live in loud, we must. But carve out quiet, we do. To make art. To live.

Life in Loud

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