Welcome to “Life in Loud”



It happened late one evening with the spark of an idea. A single voice issued an invitation and in moments a group was born.

They came from different places. They had different ideas. Their stories were as unique as the colors in a box of crayons. And their experiences? As diverse as the women to which they belonged.

But however diverse these women were, they found they were united by one thing: they were united by their art.

They wanted to inspire and be inspired. They wanted to stretch and grow. They wanted to push past insecurities and embrace imperfection. They wanted to silence the noise and create work that makes their hearts sing.

And so it was born. . .

Life In Loud.

In response to this world,

Our worlds.

At the moment where creeping insanity meets clarity, and all the noise becomes a hum.

A vibration that resonates through awakening our deepest selves.

Giving us the courage to be better, stronger, more patient.

Truer to ourselves.

This is us. A collection of 12.

Living in the loud.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to “Life in Loud”

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  2. I’m so excited too! I hope this project will bring all the best to you girls! (And for readers, of course).

  3. So, so excited to see this! Can’t wait to read about all your different “louds” as well as “quiets” (because there is always a “quiet” after a “loud”). Wishing you 12 all the fun you can have as you embark upon this adventure.

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